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Greek Supreme Court Orders Investigation of Racist Incidents Involving Refugees

The Supreme Court building in Athens. File photo

An investigation was ordered by Greece’s Supreme Court Prosecutor Xeni Demetriou on Thursday to investigate an attack on refugees which took place recently in Attica and a situation which took place on Samos.
The Samos incident involving refugees and migrants was not physical, but psychological. The issue resulted from an association of parents deciding to withdraw their children from a school because migrants’ children were attending the same school.
The Attica attack took place in the town of Vilia, where a group of approximately seventy people attacked a hotel where migrants were accommodated last Friday. The group threw petrol bombs, broke doors and threatened the people who were living there.
The investigation will determine whether or not the Vilia attack and the school incident were racially motivated, with charges expected to be brought against those who participated in the events.
Two ministers from the Greek government have already condemned the Vilia hotel attack and the Samos incident.
Citizens’ Protection Minister Olga Gerovasili recently said that racism will not be tolerated in Greece, and Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas stated that both the incidents were vile.

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