Europe Russia Officially Recognizes North Macedonia's New Name

Russia Officially Recognizes North Macedonia’s New Name

Moscow. File photo

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that the country will now officially recognize the Republic of North Macedonia with its new constitutional name.

Moscow decided to recognize the country’s new name despite its strong disapproval of the Prespa Agreement and deep reservations about its political implications. It had strongly opposed the name-deal between Athens and Skopje because it saw the accord as a way for NATO to expand its influence in the western Balkans.

Russia came out openly against the process of solving the long-lasting dispute because it said that the majority of the people in the nation formerly called FYROM were against the country’s entry into NATO.

However, it has now decided to accept the result of the ratification of the Prespa Agreement and officially recognize North Macedonia with its new, constitutional name following months of strident opposition and criticism.

Russia had been among the first nations in the early 1990s to recognize FYROM as the ”Republic of Macedonia,” instead of its official name, “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.”

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