Greece Greek Government Gives Green Light to Cremation Facility in Athens

Greek Government Gives Green Light to Cremation Facility in Athens

Cremation facility in Austria. Source: Wikipedia

After years of delays following opposition from the Greek Orthodox Church, Environment and Energy Minister Giorgos Stathakis signed a decision last week paving the way for the construction of Greece’s first cremation facility.
The facility will be in the area of Eleonas, within the municipality of Athens.
“With this decision, a solution is offered to the demand of a significant portion of citizens, which has been pending for decades,” Stathakis said.
Greece will be able “to fulfill its commitment for upholding “citizens’ rudimentary rights,” as Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, a former Ombudsman, said as he hailed the decision.
The construction of cremation facilities have also been approved in the port cities of Thessaloniki and Patra, in the north and west of the nation respectively, though progress has been slow.
Cremation was legalized in Greece back in 2006, yet despite numerous decisions and announcements since that time, the country as of now still does not have any facilities where it can be carried out.

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