Greek News Economy Greek Shipowners Agree to Pay €75 Million Annually to Greek State

Greek Shipowners Agree to Pay €75 Million Annually to Greek State

The Greek Prime Minister’s office issued a statement on Wednesday in which it announced that the Greek Shipowners Association has reached a new agreement with the Greek government.
According to this agreement, the shipowners will have to pay annually at least €75 million to the Greek state. This amount of money is the equivalent to 10 percent of the shipowners’ association’s dividends.
Until now, the Greek shipowners had an agreement with the Greek state which was based on their voluntary will to pay taxes. That meant that they did not have any legal obligation to pay a specific amount of money annually to the Greek state.

According to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, under Greek law the shipowners are not obliged to pay anything, but under this agreement, they will contribute significantly to the country’s efforts to come back economically, following nearly a decade of financial hardships.
Greek shipowners have some of the world’s largest commercial vessels, and their fleet accounts for nearly half of the entire fleet of the European Union.
However, they have repeatedly warned that any major taxation on their fleet will force them to abandon the Greek flag and find different bases from which to operate.

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