Business Greek Wine Production Declines in 2018

Greek Wine Production Declines in 2018

Greek wine production is forecast to decline by 10.48 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year, according to data presented by the Greek Department of Wine, Vine and Alcohol in a report sent to the European Commission on Tuesday.
The report said that Greek wine production has declined by 20.88 percent compared with the five-year average.
The volume of production for 2018 is estimated at 2,157,193 hectoliters, as opposed to 2,410,100 hectoliters in 2017. All wine categories are expected to record a decline with the exception of varietal wines.
On the contrary, European wine production is expected to reach 168.4 million hectoliters in 2018, marking an in crease of 27 percent compared to the previous year. This growth is led by Italy (48.5 million hectoliters), France (46.1 million hectoliters), and Spain (41 million hectoliters). Together, these three countries account for 81 percent of wine production in the European Union.
Source: A.M.N.A.

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