Greek News Diplomacy Greece Blasts Turkey Over 'Absurd' Imia Claim

Greece Blasts Turkey Over 'Absurd' Imia Claim


Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens (file photo).

Greece hit back on Wednesday at an “absurd” statement by Turkey which earlier claimed that the Imia islets in the eastern Aegean are Turkish.
In a strongly worded statement, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Ankara to stop “provocations” and repeating “illegal views” on the issue.
“The legal status of the Aegean is fully guaranteed by international law. The Greek sovereignty over Imia is clear and indisputable and in accordance with the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, the 1932 Italian-Turkish Agreements and the 1947 Treaty of Paris,” the statement says.
The statement reads:
“We call upon Turkey to pull itself together and make use of the findings of the EU Commission’s report as a useful self-criticism tool to improve its image, both towards its own public opinion and the international community.”

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