Hollywood Morgan Freeman and Scott Eastwood Join Nick Cassavetes' 'The Manuscript'

Morgan Freeman and Scott Eastwood Join Nick Cassavetes’ ‘The Manuscript’

Nick Cassavetes

Nick Cassavetes is back in the director’s chair for “The Manuscript”, a new thriller starring Morgan Freeman.

The film recently added Scott Eastwood, son of legendary Clint Eastwood, to its stellar cast. He most recently appeared in blockbusters including the “Pacific Rim” sequel, the “Fast and Furious” franchise, and “Suicide Squad”.

The plot of “The Manuscript” revolves around a genius in jail (Freeman), who writes chapters of a book he then sends to an aspiring writer (Eastwood). While trying to unravel the mystery of these chapters, Eastwood’s character is roped into a scheme to recover $100 million in diamonds.

“The Manuscript” will be shot in late April in New Orleans. The script was written by Louis Rosenberg and Joe Rosenbaum.

Cassavetes has directed a wide range of films in terms of genre, from “The Notebook” to “Alpha Dog”. However, he definitely has the experience to take on a thriller, as his turn with “John Q” showed.

Release dates for the movie have not been confirmed yet.

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