Diaspora Your Greek Heritage Might Save 6-Month-Old Elias

Your Greek Heritage Might Save 6-Month-Old Elias

A Greek-American family has launched an appeal for donations of bone marrow to save the life of their six-month-old baby, Elias.

Elias has been fighting for his life since October. After being poked and prodded, and having undergone dozens of tests and procedures, he has been diagnosed with a very rare immunity disorder.

His parents Evelyn and Antonio Argirokastritis say that Elias has already beaten all of the doctors’ odds of survival but he now needs a bone marrow transplant to correct his immune system, and ensure a long and healthy life.

The most likely match for Elias is someone with a similar background. Being of mainly of Greek descent we our encouraging those with Greek heritage to please register to donate.

In the U.S. register online at:

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