Life entertainment Tennis Star Federer Cooks with the Sound of Zorba the Greek (video)

Tennis Star Federer Cooks with the Sound of Zorba the Greek (video)

Roger Federer is the master of tennis, but he’s a complete amateur in the kitchen. So the Italian pasta company Barilla invited him to take his first cooking lesson with one of the best Italian chefs, Davide Oldani.

This is the concept of the advertisement that also features the music of Zorba the Greek.

Roger shared the funny advertisement through his Twitter account. ‘My first-day cooking. See how I did…’, Roger tweeted commenting the video.

‘The Barilla pasta gives me the energies I need on the tennis court and makes me enjoy moments with my family’, he added when he was presented as the company’s ambassador.

‘Pasta is still and has been for many years, in my daily diet. The partnership with Barilla is a very natural one for me. I am really happy to be part of this team and family.’

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