Greece Greek Student Excels in University Entrance Exams; Secures MIT Placement

Greek Student Excels in University Entrance Exams; Secures MIT Placement

Korina Digalaki

Τhe results of the nationwide university entrance exams were released by the country’s Education Ministry on Friday.
Results were put up at schools across the country. More than 104,000 pupils competed for 70,726 places at one of the country’s state-run universities or technical colleges (TEI).
Korina Digalaki, from Chania, Crete achieved the best results in her prefecture and one of the best throughout Greece collecting 19,574 points.
The young student has now set her eyes to one of the best technological institutions in the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Speaking to local media she said that she has a great esteem for Greek higher education institutions.
However, she has no second thoughts after she has been accepted at MIT.
“It was my dream to go to MIT,” she says, explaining that she will attend a school leading to a combined degree in mathematics and computer science.
“In Greece there are too many institutions that are at a very good level. But some institutions abroad are exceptional, in terms of the level of studies they provide. There will also be better prospects for the future,” she added.
In order to be accepted at MIT among thousands of candidates from all over the world, Korina went through a series of tests: “At MIT they look closely at a person’s profile. I gave exams in Athens I had to write a lot of reports on various things such as describing myself, my interests and my concerns. ”
Her love and talent for natural sciences has already been given a distinction at the International Mathematical Olympiad and in addition she has already secured her participation in the International Olympiad in Physics that will take place in Indonesia in July.

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