Greece Greek Government Continues Contradicting Messaging Regarding Uninsured Vehicles

Greek Government Continues Contradicting Messaging Regarding Uninsured Vehicles

The state’s confusing messaging on whether or not owners of uninsured vehicles will have to pay the 250 euro stamp duty became even more confusing as leaks from the Finance Ministry on Monday stated that the stamp duty would be waived.
However, on Tuesday they said that the law regarding paying stamp duty stands and that a final decision would be made “centrally” on Wednesday, according to If the law is dismissed the 250 million euros will be lost for state coffers.
The two contradicting messages come following 400,000 erroneous notices of the 1.15 million sent to taxpayers saying that they needed to pay insurance for their vehicles just last week. The government said that they are working to correct erroneous insurance notices, saying that there may be some cases where vehicle owners will need to provide proof of insurance documents for their vehicles.

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