Greek News Environment Santorini Tourism Sector Flourishes Amidst Concerns of Excessive Construction

Santorini Tourism Sector Flourishes Amidst Concerns of Excessive Construction

Santorini-GreeceAccording to the latest numbers, this October the Greek island of Santorini had an exceptionally good month in tourism, adding on to the tourism revenue of 2016 as being one of the best in recent years.
The island’s mayor, Nikos Zorzos commented to reporters at a press conference on Tuesday that he was pleased to see the tourism sector soar, but expressed concern over excessive construction on the island, stating that the number of beds per square kilometer on Santorini is 990 which is comparable to all of Attica.
In all, last month the island saw international air arrivals at Santorini Airport increase some 34 percent from year-on-year records, while the amount of arrivals quadrupled from year-on-year data just a few years ago in 2011.

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