Hollywood Nick Cassavetes Will Produce 'The Ogilvy Fortune'

Nick Cassavetes Will Produce ‘The Ogilvy Fortune’

Nick Cassavetes

Greek-American director Nick Cassavetes will be executive producing and appearing in the new film “The Ogilvy Fortune”.

The movie is billed as a caper comedy, and stars a whole star-studded cast of comedians, including Chevy Chase, Dennis Miller, Isabel Lucas, Richard Lewis, Andrew Dice Clay, and Keith David.

The story follows a cast of eccentric characters searching for pirate treasure beneath a Caribbean hotel. The hotel is about to be demolished, making the treasure hunt all the more urgent for those involved.

Since the film is still in pre-production, exact roles and release dates are still uncertain. In addition to Cassavetes, other executive producers on the project include Nancy Nayor, Bruce Rubinstein, and Josh Gould.

Cassavetes has often directed and acted in films, most recently helming “The Other Woman” and appearing as an actor in “The Hangover Part II” and as himself in “Entourage”. This is only his second executive producer credit to date since a 2003 TV movie.

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