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Foreign Envoys to Propose More Austerities Claiming Greece Will Have GDP Budget Gap in 2017

money2212014Foreign envoys are set to return to Athens to resume talks about Greece’s austerity measures on November 14. They will discuss the alleged budget gap that they claim is looming over Athens as well as push for more austerities; something cash-stripped Greeks do not want to hear.
The proposed cuts to fill the alleged budget gap will be to welfare benefits and tax breaks, sources reported to
The gap that foreign investors are pointing to is due to money that is not secured and has been allotted in the government’s budget to fund the Social Solidarity Income (SSI), which is meant to help Greeks impacted by the already harsh austerity measures.
According to sources at Greece’s Finance Ministry, international creditors are incorrect in their most recent claims that there will be a budget gap between 0.15 and 0.2 percent of gross domestic product, as the Ministry believes that the gap will be plugged by access of revenue.
In all, sources have reported that the measures proposed by international creditors equal some 360 million euros. They have also said that they believe that a similar gap will be produced in Greece’s GDP in 2018, and will be discussing this topic in further detail once talks resume in November.

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