Club Bouncers Threaten Auditors on Greek Island of Rhodes

rhodesThe bouncers of a club on the Greek island of Rhodes took the law into their own hands and refused entrance to the auditors who were supposed to inspect the establishment. “You will not perform any audits here,” they told the tax authority officials, who in turn informed the bouncers about penalties the owners may face if they continued to disrupt the proceedings.
The bouncers told the tax officials to “Go away.” The auditors, left and submitted an official report and in accordance with the decision of general secretary for public revenue Giorgos Pitsilis they are planning on closing down the club for more than 48 hours.
The bouncers refused entrance to the auditors because they were informed that the lockdown would only happen after 20 days, therefore, after the island’s main tourist season.
Meanwhile, the tax office is planning on implementing the law and the officials are preparing to close down any businesses that refuse to be audited. Furthermore, the office also stressed that in cases where it can be proven that at least 10 receipts have not been issued, or receipts amounting to 500 euros, the lock down will be implemented immediately. Furthermore, the violators will be put on a “black list” and will be put under scrutiny in regards to income and VAT taxes.

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