Calamos Supports Greece Greece Migrant Stabs to Death Fellow Migrant in Greece

Migrant Stabs to Death Fellow Migrant in Greece

2359850_533_355A 32-year-old Egyptian national was stabbed to death by a compatriot at the Souda migrant camp on the island of Chios.
According to witnesses, two Egyptian asylum seekers started fighting at around 10:00 am on Thursday. The 32-year-old intervened to separate them and one of the men stabbed him in the carotid with a sharp object.
The injured man was rushed to the Chios Hospital, where he died during surgery.
Police arrived on the spot and arrested the perpetrator. As a precaution, a riot police unit was deployed to the migrant camp and stayed there.
The two migrants who were fighting have been in the camp since May awaiting their application for asylum to be processed.

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