Greece Is App Claiming to Help Save Refugees a Fake?

Is App Claiming to Help Save Refugees a Fake?

refugees boatApple’s App Store has pulled a smartphone application claiming to scan the Mediterranean in real-time to allow users to assist in locating distressed refugee vessels on the vast sea.
The App called I Sea has been reported to not actually work as it claimed it did.
There are confusing reports about the validity of this app ranging from being nominated at the recent Cannes Lions awards show in France and contrastively being denounced by several developers who said I Sea shows static images of the sea, not live real-time.
The app was designed so that users would be assigned a certain part of a divided grid of the sea and when vessels carrying refugees were distressed, users could alert the Malta-based Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).
As I Sea was being pulled by Apple, on Tuesday MOAS severed all ties with the application designed by the Singapore-based company, Grey for Good.
“We were dismayed to discover that real-time images were not being used,” the charity said in a statement, according to

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