Life events Bishop Lashes Against LGBT Community After Crucifixion Advertising Gay Pride

Bishop Lashes Against LGBT Community After Crucifixion Advertising Gay Pride

Bishop Amvrosios of Kalavryta is clearly not pleased with the creation of a poster advertising Gay Pride Thessaloniki depicting the Crucifixion with hearts bearing the message “no hate.” Outraged, the bishop referred to the poster advertising Gay Pride for June 24-25 as “provocation.”
He wrote:

“Devotees and followers of rough intimate rapport, known as Gays, are once again provoking us! They are organising yet another Gay’s Party in Thessaloniki, ie. a festival of abnormality and dishonor, the 5th of its type, advertised as a ‘Pride Festival’!!

In other words, these ethically abnormal types from the perspective of Christianity, who are the extension of people that once lived in Sodom and Gomorrah are defiantly flaunting before us with PRIDE, and as they say, they will celebrate their passion! But they are NOT pride, as they claim but shameless and outrageous! Unfortunately, shamelessness is today ‘in fashion’!!!! In a few years, the way things are headed, normal, physiological people, will run and hide whereas the abnormal will double and control with their heinous pride.”

This is not the first time that the bishop has vocally opposed gay rights. Prior to the voting of the civil partner union legislation in Greek Parliament, Bishop Amvrozios had attacked homosexuality. “Spit on them! Deprecate them! Vote against them!” he had said. “They are not human! They are freaks of nature! Mentally and spiritually sick! They are mentally insane! Don’t hesitate, then! Wherever you see them, spit on them! Don’t leave them in peace! They are dangerous!”

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