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The 40 Most Powerful Greek Shipowners

The 40 greatest Greek shipowners control 65% of the Greek fleet based on dwt, according to British shipping services Clarkson’s.
The fleet controlled by the Greek shipowners weighs about 230.5 million dwt; Deadweight tonnage counts how much mass a ship is carrying or can safely carry and does not include the weight of the ship.
According to Naftemporiki newspaper that republished the Clarkson’s list, first place on the list regarding the dwt, belongs to Aggelikousis group with a fleet of 137 ships of 26.02 million dwt. The second place on the list belongs to Giorgos Oikonomou group, with 115 ships of 14.79 million dwt. Navios Group of Aggelini Fragou is in third place with 146 ships of 14.39 million dtw. As the list goes on, Giorgos Prokopiou is in fourth place, with Dynacom Tankers, Dyanagas and Sea Traders groups with 112 ships of 13.9 million dwt.
Below is the list with the 40 greatest Greek ships owners, regarding the dwt:
greek shipowners list

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