Calamos Supports Greece Greece Turkish Planes Carry Out 29 Violations of Greek Air Space

Turkish Planes Carry Out 29 Violations of Greek Air Space

turkish f16 aircrafts660Turkish military aircraft carried out 29 violations of Greece air space in the Aegean on Thursday, just days ahead of the Orthodox Easter. These included a flight over the islands Anthropofagi and Makronisi in the Fourni island complex by four Turkish F-16s at 29,000 feet.
Two groups of Turkish aircraft, a formation of six planes and a formation of two planes, entered the Athens FIR without submitting flight plans, as did a CN-235 nautical cooperation plane. There were five infringements of air traffic rules in the Athens FIR that turned into 29 violations of Greek air space in the northeastern, central and southeastern Aegean.
In each case, the Turkish planes were intercepted and identified by Greek fighter planes, while in one case the interception evolved into an engagement. Two of the Turkish aircraft were armed.
(source: ana-mpa)

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