Hollywood Jennifer Aniston Named World's Most Beautiful Woman

Jennifer Aniston Named World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Jennifer Aniston

“People” magazine always names the most beautiful men and women of the year in its latest issue, and this year, it gave its top honor for most beautiful woman in the world to Jennifer Aniston.

The 47-year old actress was very happy to hear about her new title, even though she had been named “most beautiful woman” once before by the magazine, in 2004.

Aniston is just behind Sandra Bullock as one of the oldest women to have been selected by “People” for this title, which is always difficult to pull off in Hollywood. The industry that is seemingly obsessed with youth has been under fire recently for offering fewer roles to older women in the business.

However, Jennifer Aniston shows no signs of slowing down in her career. She just filmed the “Mother’s Day” movie that opens later this month, and has been cast in a couple of prestigious upcoming film roles in “The Fixer” and “The Comedian” alongside Robert DeNiro.

Best of all, it seems Aniston is very grounded about her appearance. As she told People magazine, “Beauty has changed for me over the years. It’s really learning to love every single thing about yourself.”

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