A New Era for Green Giant Earth Friendly Products


Earth Friendly Products, the company that pioneered the impressive variety of affordable, environmentally-friendly ECOS cleaning products has just entered a new era.

A few hours before Earth Day on April 21st, CEO Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks inaugurated the company’s new headquarters in Cypress, California. Designed by architect Evie Giovannopoulou, the state of the art facility raises the bar for all companies who want to be called sustainable manufacturers throughout the United States.

“I am proud to say that we are a zero waste manufacturing facility and all of our products are made out of plant based ingredients, and they are made locally,” said Vlahakis-Hanks addressing a prominent proud of hundreds of friends, clients and government officials who attended the event. “We source localy, we support our local economy and we really want to make a difference.”
IMG_7723Powered by solar panels and leaving no carbon footprint behind, the maker of the award-winning ECOS products marked the occasion by offering a $10,000 check to help the Wyland Foundation raise awarenees for water conservation through its Mayor’s Challenge program.IMG_7722

However, being green is just part of the company’s social mission, as it also holds another record: paying its employees the highest minimum wage in the country at $17 an hour, more than double the standard $7.25.

“To stand as the CEO, and lead a company that is doing the right thing ethically, gives me a great sence of pride to continue my father’s mission and his vision to really change the world one bottle at a time with each and every choice that we make,” noted Vlahakis-Hanks.

Founded in 1967, by Dr. Van Vlahakis, the manufacturer of the #1 selling ‘green’ laundry detergent in the world, ECOS; is the first to manufacture a pH neutral auto-dishwashing gel, Wave; and has won awards for progressive business practices, including its use of renewable energy and offering employees financial incentives for buying hybrid or other green vehicles.

With over 300 employees, five geographically diverse manufacturing facilities in the United States, and more than 150 products with worldwide distribution, Earth Friendly Products keeps expanding its strong foundation to guarantee further growth.

Their secret? It’s embedded in every single of their facilities and reads: “For the love of the planet and the health of your family.”

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