Greece Successful Greek Startup Provides Real-time Holiday Bookings

Successful Greek Startup Provides Real-time Holiday Bookings

RoomcaseRoomcase is a Greek travel technology startup company which was first established in Athens in 2014 with the goal of promoting smaller lodging establishments to hundreds of booking websites and travel agents in Greece and abroad. The website provides services to people who may not be using the internet as much as they could to create conditions through which to increase their sales.
Primarily, Roomcase’s mission is to offer the best “hospitality on the web” for Mediterranean guest-houses, B&Bs, villas, traditional country homes and private vacation rentals. Roomcase facilitates online reservations by providing real-time room availability to travelers and travel agents worldwide. The company started out in the owner’s home country of Greece, with the intention of covering the Mediterranean in the future.
Roomcase works with a network of travel agents worldwide, whether they are traditional brick-n-mortar agencies or OTAs. The real-time availability provided through the Roomcase portal enables them to conduct business in a seamless manner, without having to communicate directly with the lodges.
Furthermore, travel agents working with the cloud-based platform receive a business tool, in order to book the home-away-from-home type of properties they could not possibly contract with on their own in high numbers.

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