Grexit Is the Third 'Word of the Year' in Germany

The Association for the German language has announced that “refugee” is the word of the year in Germany.
The Word of the Year was chosen from about 2,500 words and expressions that became popular in 2015.
“Refugees have had inseparable connections with events that have marked the political, economic and social life in Germany in 2015,” noted the association in a release.
As the number of asylum seekers in Germany is expected to reach one million, discussions on the refugee crisis prevailed in the public dialogue, especially after the summer.
The expression “Je suis Charlie” is the second most popular phrase in 2015, followed by the word “Grexit“, namely the threat of Greece exiting the Eurozone.
Greece came close to leaving the Euro zone a few times while negotiating fiercely with its creditors in the first six months of 2015.

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