Europe Facing Largest Refugee Crisis Since World War II

Hungary Prepares to Bar Illegal MigrantsBased on data released by Frontex on Tuesday, a total of 170,000 irregular migrants entered the European Union in the month of September and as a result yearly totals rose to 710,000 people.

According to Reuters, Europe appears to be facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II.

In the entire year of 2014, the total number of irregular migrants and refugees that entered the European border stood at 282,000. However, this year, 190,000 irregular migrants arrived in Europe just in August. The data released by Frontex also revealed that out of this year’s total of 710,000 irregular migrants, 350,000 people entered Europe through Greece between January and September.

Greece and Italy are two countries that receive the larger number of migrants and refugees, of mostly Syrian origin, trying to escape the conflict in their home country. The refugee crisis has already been addressed, but additional measures are much needed in order to help the countries that receive the most migrants.

Frontex is a European agency, established in 2004, which manages the cooperation between national border guards securing its external borders. Frontex operations aim to detect and stop illegal immigration, human trafficking and terrorist infiltration.

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