Greek News Education New Website Helps Greek Diaspora Children Learn Greek

New Website Helps Greek Diaspora Children Learn Greek is a web-based educational platform catering to the needs of Greek Diaspora children and parents, focusing on building and maintaining Greek language skills through entertainment and other methods.

The website’s founders wished to create an on-line fun place that Greek kids living abroad would visit and in the process learn Greek through fun videos and learning games without realizing that they are taking lessons. Their purpose was not to replace Greek School, since nothing can substitute a good teacher, but to supplement it.

“Ellinopoula’s team consists mainly of people who belong to and are a product of the Greek Diaspora. Driven by our love for Greece and our respect for its rich tradition and timeless history we wanted to create something that would help parents around the world pass this heritage to their children. We believe that passing on the Greek language itself is of vital importance to this mission, and is our effort to keep the Greek language alive for the next generation,” notes the team on the officials website.

According to Anna Sakkis, project manager and “Mother-in-Chief”, the team behind the website was motivated by their love for Greece and Hellenism. “Everybody on the team from the founders to the teachers to the designers and the programmers, all of us have an abiding love for Greece and Hellenism and we wanted to create a platform unique in its way to mix the fun of video watching with the learning games that follow the video,” she said.

“At the same time we are happy that we offer employment to several young Greeks and I have been amazed at their talent, their intelligence and their enthusiasm for the project. It is such a shame so many bright young people are leaving Greece due to the crisis.”

As for their future plans, Anna Sakkis notes that teachers and designers are working with programmers and we have several new features scheduled for the near future. She also added that their team would be happy to cooperate and work with any group, and especially schools. “We have had several teachers approach us who want to use our material for their students and we are happy about it because our goal is to spread, maintain and reinforce the love for Hellenism,” she said.