Business SkyGreece Ceases Operations After Leaving Passengers Stranded

SkyGreece Ceases Operations After Leaving Passengers Stranded

skygreeceairlinesSkyGreece Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will temporarily halt all of its operations.
The company and its customers have been through a hectic eleven days as the first problems occurred with a four day flight delay that was resolved on August 20. The problem resurfaced in the following days when flights were once again delayed and passengers were left stranded in the Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada and other cities in Europe. Three SkyGreece flights from and to the Pearson Airport were ultimately cancelled on August 27.
The single-airplane airline that was founded in 2012 in Greece by Greek Canadians, flies passengers back and forth between Toronto and destinations in Europe.
SkyGreece’s announcement apologizes to the affected customers and lays the blame of the situation on the economic crisis that is plaguing Greece as well as “technical issues” that have recently arisen.
Read SkyGreece’s Full Announcement Below
SkyGreece Airlines would like to apologize to all of its passengers who have been affected as a result of the Company’s current operational crisis. The founders, managers and employees of SkyGreece care deeply about their passengers and have been working around the clock to resolve the problem.
Shortly after launching scheduled international service in May, SkyGreece suffered financial setbacks as a result of the Greek economic crisis. In spite of the resulting immediate and dramatic reduction in ticket sales, the Company’s founders have worked tirelessly to maintain scheduled service. Unfortunately, as a result of recent technical issues, the Company is now facing a system-wide multi-day delay and significant additional expenses.
As a result, SkyGreece management regrets to announce that it must temporarily cease all operations. The Company expects to resume operations soon.
Passengers should contact their travel agent to arrange for alternate travel and/or accommodations.

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