Greece Foreign Media Reports on Greece's New Female Prime Minister

Foreign Media Reports on Greece's New Female Prime Minister

vassiliki thanouVassiliki Thanou’s term in office might be short-lived and she might not have received a direct mandate from the Greek people, however, foreign media were impressed by the fact that Thanou is the head of the caretaker government that will lead the country to the upcoming election.
The British Guardian reported that Vassiliki Thanou became first woman in nearly 200 years of modern-era Greece to control government. However, what matters most is that the appointment of a caretaker government will lead Greece into the pre-election period.
The article also noted that former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appears to be gambling his return to power, since he announced the early election. “In the seven months since he was swept to power on a promise to reverse the eviscerating policies demanded in exchange for the biggest bailout in global financial history, the radical leftist had enjoyed unparalleled levels of popularity. But his decision to embrace the very measures he had vowed to overturn, in the form of a third bailout program from the EU and International Monetary Fund, has resulted in unexpected political cost.”
Fox News wrote that the 65-year-old superior judiciary, Thanou Vassiliki, has been sworn in as Greek first female Prime Minster. Thanou needs to lead the country to the early elections in which former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras seeks to win the absolute majority in the parliament.
“The 65-year-old is has been described as an anti-austerity advocate. She made a name for herself as a judge who openly battled against wage cuts imposed on the Greek judiciary to please European and IMF lenders,” noted Euronews.
On the other hand, Associated Press noted that Vasiliki Thanou was sworn in office in a very difficult time for Greece, especially now that thousands of refugees are arriving in the country every week. The article also added that Tsipras “was forced to step down last week, barely seven months into his four-year term, following a rebellion in his radical left Syriza party over his agreement to the new income cuts and tax hikes.”

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