Greece SYRIZA Left Platform Rebels Announce New Party 'Popular Unity'

SYRIZA Left Platform Rebels Announce New Party 'Popular Unity'

lafazanis-panagiotis-laf-708_0After the resignation of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his government and the decision for snap elections in Greece, the SYRIZA Left Platform announced the formation of a new leftist party.
Reportedly, the new party will be called “Popular Unity” as 29 SYRIZA lawmakers broke away and became independent. The party will be headed by former Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis.
The party’s hard leftists issued an announcement immediately after Tsipras’ resignation speech and the call for elections, in which they stated that the Left Platform will form a “wide, anti-memorandum, progressive democratic front that will go to the elections with the agenda to cancel all memoranda.”
The Left Platform also accused Tsipras for showing a new face in complete contrast with all the SYRIZA pledges and struggles.
According to the announcement, Tsipras signed a new austerity memorandum contrary to the people’s will and in absentia of SYRIZA and its members.
“The snap elections Alexis Tsipras decided, will be held in order to bury the proud “no” of the referendum. To bury the anti-memorandum struggles and anti-memorandum expectations of the people… Greek people are asked to put a noose around their necks and approve a new memorandum,” the statement said.
“The Left Platform, faithful to the SYRIZA commitments, consistent with the “no” of the Greek people, carries the flag of the struggle to get out of the crisis, for productive reconstruction and progress… The Left Platform will immediately form a wide, anti-memorandum, progressive democratic front that will go to the elections with the agenda to cancel all memoranda. To move toward the write-off of the biggest part of the debt… To cancel austerity in wages, pensions and social spending. To stop the sellout of Greece’s state property. To put the country on a new path of national independence, sovereignty, recovery and a new progressive course,” the statement concluded.
It is expected that the new party will be endorsed by a personality of great caliber such as Mikis Theodorakis or Manolis Glezos. Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou is certain to follow the “Popular Unity.” On the contrary, former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will most likely not join the new party. When reporters told SYRIZA MP Costas Lapavitsas that reports say Varoufakis will not be in the new Left Platform party, Lapavitsas answered, “Sometimes reports are accurate.”

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