Greece Greek Govt Comments On Lafazanis' New Anti-Bailout Movement

Greek Govt Comments On Lafazanis' New Anti-Bailout Movement

The Greek government defended the country’s new rescue program on Thursday, commenting on the decision of SYRIZA Left Platform leader Panagiotis Lafazanis to announce the “social and political formation” of a “unitary movement” against the Memorandum.
According to government sources, “Panagiotis Lafazanis’ decision to announce the formation of a new Greek political entity today, finalizes his decision to choose a separate path from the Greek government and SYRIZA, before even the emergency congress that was agreed between the two sides.”
And the same sources added: “However, since Panagiotis Lafazanis justifies his willingness to form a new political entity, citing his devotion to the SYRIZA pre-election commitments, as well as the outcome of the recent referendum, we need to remind Greek citizens that Greece’s return to the drachma, “drachma with a Memorandum,” as we can call his central political objective, even though it constitutes Wolfgang Schaeuble’s main position, it was never SYRIZA’s pre-election commitment.”
“As for the outcome of the referendum, everybody knows that the 62% of the “No” voters do not support the idea of exiting the euro, nor the return to the national currency,” they concluded.

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