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Foreign Media Reports on Greece's Agreement with Creditors

greek-agreementThe agreement between the Greek government and creditors has been the main headline in several foreign media.
Reuters noted that Greece and its creditors have reached an agreement on the terms of the rescue program, thus enabling the country’s stay in the Eurozone and putting an end to the bankruptcy scenarios.
The Guardian reported that “the Greek government announced it has struck an ambitious bailout deal with creditors aimed at securing around 86 billion euros over three years in return for radical economic reforms to be pushed through parliament as early as this week.” Furthermore, the article made reference to the fact that the Greek leftist government “has U-turned on bailout policy.”
The Associated Press released an article entitled “Greece closes in on bailout deal possibly within the day,” referring to earlier statements by Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos that talks had advanced and that only a few details were left to be determined.
Le Monde stated that Greece’s third bailout is quickly taking shape, while it stressed that the negotiation process only lasted two weeks and it was less hostile that the talks that took place after Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras first took office.
Finally, El Mundo reported that Greece and its creditors reached an agreement for the third rescue program and noted that after 18 hours of negotiations the two sides managed to get over the last of their differences. The bill, consisting of 27 pages, will be submitted in Parliament on Wednesday and the voting process will take place on Thursday.

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