Greece Campaign for First Crowdfunded Hotel in Greece

Campaign for First Crowdfunded Hotel in Greece

indiegogo-hotelA Greek woman has started the first crowdfunding campaign for a hotel in northern Greece. The campaign is organized through IndieGoGo and aims to raise 1,000,000 dollars in order to help set up a hotel in Greece.
The campaign is in the “flexible funding” category, which means that if the goal is not reached, then the money raised will not be returned but will be divided between hoteliers in the area.
“Let’s write our own history and make this unique hotel happen. Let’s have a room by the Greek sea,” wrote the campaign organizers. “We’re here asking for your fundings to make the 1st IndieGoGo crowdfunded hotel come true, here in Greece by the Greek sea and give the tourism a new perspective,” they wrote on the website.
“Our primary goal is to make a 5-star hotel in Greece with your help and give back to you as many free rooms as possible! All the funders will be rewarded in many ways. From discount coupons and draw coupons to free rooms! Meanwhile you’ll be able to create a strong bond, foul of privileges with a unique summer destination for you, your friends and your family.”
If the campaign manages to raise 250,000 dollars, then the money will be distributed to local hoteliers since it will not be enough to cover the expenses for a brand new hotel. However, with 500,000 dollars the organizers will be able to create a 3-star hotel, with 750,000 dollars a 4-star hotel and if the campaign reaches its goal of 1 million dollars a 5-star hotel where funders will be able to enjoy the perks that they won by contributing.
The campaign website can be found here.

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