Greek News Economy Yanis Varoufakis' Resignation Covered by Foreign Media

Yanis Varoufakis' Resignation Covered by Foreign Media

liberation708_2Since the Greek referendum was announced late on Friday, June 26, all eyes turned on Greece and people were on waiting on the edge of their seats for the final outcome. The strong ‘No’ that sounded across Greece on Sunday July 5, was followed by the resignation of Yanis Varoufakis from the Greek Finance Ministry and his office.
The British BBC News, the German Bild and Spiegel, the French Le Monde, the Financial times and numerous other media covered Varoufakis’ resignation, while the Financial Times called the minister’s “sacrifice” the Varoufexit.
“Varoufakis resigned in order to facilitate the European Union negotiations,” note the Spanish El Pais. Robert Peston, an economic analyst working at BBC tweeted: “Alexis Tsipras has provided the head of Yanis Varoufakis to the Eurozone and IMF creditors as proof of desire to do a deal.”
Newsnights economic reporter, Duncan Weldon also tweeted: “Ok – Wednesday’s Tsipras letter, Thursday’s IMF report & now Varoufakis going: all adds up to a potential deal on debt relief for reform.”
Meanwhile, the French Liberation’s front page was dedicated to the Greek referendum and the ‘No’ vote win. The covered showed Alexis Tsipras with open arms while the words “Non de Zeus” (No of Zeus) were written at the bottom of the page. “Non de Zeus” can also be read as “Nom de Zeus,” meaning “in the name of Zeus.”
“The Greeks followed their Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras refusing, through Sunday’s referendum, the creditor’s conditions for the salvation of the country. Earthquake in Europe,” noted the Liberation headline.
Furthermore, the German Bild which has criticized Greece’s stance on several occasions passed the ball to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stating “The Greeks are celebrating their ‘No.’ What now, Chancellor?” on Monday’s issue front page.

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