Greek News Economy Greece Offered to Conditionally Suspend Referendum: Reports

Greece Offered to Conditionally Suspend Referendum: Reports

Greece has offered to suspend its planned referendum said Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat according to a report by the Times of Malta.
“They are ready to suspend their referendum or ask the people to vote ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ if a package is put on the table with which they could agree,” Muscat told the Maltese parliament.
Joseph Muscat added that the Greek offer was subject to conditions and that he was not sure if it was a breakthrough or a move by Athens to gain more time.
Greek government Vice President Yannis Drasagakis talking on National Broadcaster ERT did not rule out that Greece could eventually suspend the public vote if the creditors offer a satisfactory agreement.
On July 5th, Greeks are called to reject or accept a bailout package that would secure an agreement with Greece’s creditors.

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