Europe Greek Man to Help Poor Families by Crossing 152km on Foot

Greek Man to Help Poor Families by Crossing 152km on Foot

greek man poor familiesA 39-year-old Greek man from Thessaloniki will attempt to provide help to poor Greek families by walking a distance of 152km in 72 hours. The man, who has been living and working in the UK over the last few years, aims to collect money as he travels on foot, which will then be given to people living below the poverty line.

Alexandros Oustambasidis will start his personal ultra marathon on June 22 in Fort William, Scotland, aiming to finish his journey after three days just outside of Glasgow. The route he has chosen passes through small villages and mountainous areas in Scotland.

According to his schedule, he needs to walk around 50km per day, while all the money will be raised from companies or individual donations and will be given to the Greek Welfare and Equality Organization “Pnoi Elpidas,” based in Thessaloniki.

“Apart from my personal satisfaction for the completion of this task, it is my pleasure to support and highlight the organization’s activities as well as alternative charity activities,” noted Oustambasidis. The project is titled “152 kilometers for a good cause” and it is supported by the voluntary group PoWEr, which is composed of 21 Greek and Cypriot students at universities in England and has over 120 volunteers from different countries across the globe.

“We feel happy every time we are invited to help, organize or support a charity and especially for Greece,” said Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos, a PoWEr member.

The main goal is to gather as much money as possible from donations in order to buy the essentials for Greek families facing financial problems. “We are proud that a Greek has decided to attempt such a difficult task, in support of Pnoi Elpidas and hence our effort to meet the essential needs of our country’s residents,” said Alexia Kosmidou, founding member of the organization.

Pnoi Elpidas is a non-profit organization with voluntary actions that supports 65 families in Thessaloniki by providing basic necessities. It first started operating in 2010, amid the economic and social crisis.

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