Greek News Art Homer's Iliad to Become Epically Viral This Summer

Homer’s Iliad to Become Epically Viral This Summer

Rupert Goold Iliad

One of the most brilliant epic poems in ancient history, The Iliad, is set for a marathon performance this summer as part of Almeida Greeks Festival.

Theater director Rupert Goold decided to direct “The Iliad” according to Homer‘s original 15,000 line epic poem about the fall of Troy in an effort to make it widely known to the public through live web streaming.

With the help of 50 famous artists, politicians and academics, Goold will start his ambitious endeavor at London’s British Museum on August 14 and will continue in the evening at the Almeida Theater, without the slightest pause in between. The entire show will be streamed online for 15 consecutive hours.

Last March, radio producer and presenter Dermot O’Leary danced for 24 consecutive hours in order to contribute to the “Red Nose Day” charity. His dance was live-streamed for 24 hours, attracting millions of viewers.

“I was inspired by Dermot O’Leary and his 24-hour dance-a-thon,” said Goold. “Having the opportunity to tune in and out of it whenever I like during the day was so much addictive to me.” Nevertheless, he remains down to earth: “I do not think that many people will sit through 15 hours of my work. But I love the idea that I can show the world and give the opportunity to people watch these amazing actors, newsreaders and historians narrating the story.”

This unique version of “The Iliad” will be presented at Almeida Greeks Festival, which will also include three other theater stage productions: “Oresteia,” “Bakkhai” and “Medea.”

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