Business 8 Greek Enterprises in the European Business Awards Final

8 Greek Enterprises in the European Business Awards Final

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Eight Greek companies will represent Greece to the final of the “European Business Awards 2014/15″ scheduled to take place on May 26 in London.

Sponsored by RSM International for the ninth consecutive year, the European Business Awards is an independent nonprofit institution which recognizes and rewards entrepreneurship, good practices, and innovation in Europe.

The eight Greek enterprises that have reached the final are: Green – Greek Environmental & Energy Network SA (competing for the Business of the Year Award for firms with turnover of 26-150 million euros), AB Vassilopoulos (vying for the Environmental & Corporate Sustainability Award) , ONEX (bidding for the RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award), Coffee Island and Pharmathen (aiming for the Growth Strategy of the Year Award), Genesis Pharma and Spetses Mini Marathon (taking part in the Chairman’s Selection Award), and Olympia Electronics (coming close a National Public Champion).

Eleni Stylianou Manager of HR Consulting & Executive Search Department of RSM Greece highlighted the Greek participation in the “European Business Awards 2014/15”, telling ANA-MPA: “Greek entrepreneurship, despite the economic crisis and the difficulties of the recent years, demonstrates one more time this year that it can be distinguished in the international business arena”.

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