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The Greek Islands' Most Stunning Locations

Sunset Dreams || Oia SantoriniBy Cliff Blaylock
The Greek Islands play host to a wide variety of incredible locations. However, with so many things to see, what should you make the top of your priorities?
Around 1500B.C, the island goers of Santorini experienced a devastating volcanic eruption. The result was not only a decimation of the local population, but it also led to a complete shift in the island’s landscape. The entire island of Santorini was covered in new, black, volcanic rock. This makes it one of the most unique sites in all of Greece. A dark and mysterious island set upon the vibrant Mediterranean. While all other islands are bright and covered in wilderness, Santorini is bare, dark and ominous.
Samaria Gorge
SamariaYou’d be forgiven for thinking, that to explore incredible mountainous scenery you might have to travel to somewhere like the Canadian Rockies. But, while Europe is not well known for its exotic mountain trail, there are a few exceptions to this rule. The breathtaking Samaria Gorge, a natural treasure nestled in the heart of Crete, is one of said exceptions. This paradise is a sight truly worth beholding. With beautiful plantlife, waterfalls and exciting wilderness trails, you’ll be hard pushed to find a site like this anywhere else in Europe.
Melissani Cave
Melissani caveLocated on the island of Kefalonia, the Melissani cave is a magical place steeped in legend. Open to the elements via a giant natural skylight above, the cave is best seen at noon, when the sunlight cascading in turns the water below a stunning and glittering turquoise. To make it ever more special, plants grow around the edges of the waterbound cave, making it feel like an oasis set deep beneath the Earth.
Natural Pool
Natural_Pool_ThassosOn Thassos island there is a swimming pool, built not by man, but by nature. Essentially a giant rockpool, two rock formations have joined together leaving a huge stone basin between them. However, because the rocks have joined right on the coastline, when the tide comes in water flows over the side of the rock and fills the natural pool with warm mediterranean water. Not only is this a spectacular sight to behold, but it also offers swimmers a safe alternative to taking a dip in the ocean.
DelosSituated near Mykonos, the island of Delos is renowned as one of the most historically significant sites in Greece. Almost the entire island is absorbed in ancient Greek ruins and to walk among its grounds is to walk in the step of our ancient ancestors. Complete with ruined market places, theatres, statues and temples, few sites in Greece will let you immerse yourself in ancient Greek history more than Delos.
OiaThe town of Oia, set upon the volcanic Island of Santorini, is without a doubt one of the most stunning towns found anywhere on Earth. Known around the globe for its iconic white streets and houses, some topped with blue domes, a walk through the alleyways of Oia makes you feel as if you are living in a fantasy land.
Sarakiniko, Milos
Sarakiniko, MilosPicking the most beautiful beach in the Greek Islands is impossible. With over 1000 islands featuring a combined total of around 200,000 incredible beaches, how on Earth can you narrow the selection down? You can’t, really. But, with a Smörgåsbord of different settings and atmospheres to suit all tastes, perhaps its easier to choose the most unique spot, rather than simply the most stunning. So, that is exactly what we have done. Sarakiniko on the Island of Milos is a one of a kind natural creation.
While these are all incredible sights, being scattered between islands makes them hard to visit. However, if you fancy a trip around the Greek Islands, visiting any destination you want, then check out private yacht charting service, Deep Blue Yachting, who can show you everything on this list and more.

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