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New Greek Cabinet Likely to Be Announced on Tuesday, Senior SYRIZA Source Says

New CabinetForming a government will be the first priority of new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, with the announcement and swearing-in of the new cabinet likely to be completed by Tuesday afternoon, a senior SYRIZA source said on Monday. In any case, the new government will be formed by Wednesday at the latest, the same source added.
SYRIZA sources also indicated that Tsipras does not intend to include any members of “To Potami” party in his cabinet, nor ask for anything from the other parties. They said the government will present its positions and the legislation it has pledged to pass and let the other parties “take responsibility” for their actions.
The new Prime Minister of Greece is also determined to insist on a “lean” cabinet and has prepared a plan for the necessary legal steps to merge Ministries and services. In regards to the people who will join the new government, the SYRIZA sources said that these will be up to the challenges faced by the country at this crucial time while also expressing the party’s ideological tendencies to the greatest possible extent.
Regarding the reactions from abroad, SYRIZA said there was intense international activity regarding the positions that the new Greek government will present, both on the matter of negotiations with the lenders and its broader strategy on foreign policy and international relations.
They noted messages arriving at the party from France, Russia and the European Commission, and said that these indicated a readiness for negotiations with the new Greek government, while the phone call put to Tsipras by French President Francois Hollande was described by SYRIZA sources as “particularly warm.” They said that the new Premier will make “every effort” to accept Hollande’s invitation to visit Paris for bilateral talks before the upcoming EU summit and noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s letter of congratulations to Tsipras, conveyed by the Russian ambassador, had also been warm in tone.
Finally, they said that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, in his letter congratulating Tsipras on his party’s electoral victory, had stressed the need to “promote sustainable solutions for employment and growth, while at the same time ensuring fiscal stability,” and noted that this was a challenge faced by all the EU. Juncker also stated that the European Commission “was ready to continue helping Greece to achieve these goals”.
(source: ana-mpa)

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