Calamos Supports Greece Greece Greek Police Arrest 2 Accomplices of Terrorist Xeros

Greek Police Arrest 2 Accomplices of Terrorist Xeros

ksiros-xristodoulos-708Greek police have arrested two accomplices of recently caught Christodoulos Xeros, the “November 17” terrorist who was at large for almost a year after violating his prison leave.
Authorities said a 54-year-old Greek and a 37-year-old Albanian were arrested after a police operation in Kalamata, Peloponnese, on Tuesday evening. Police had issued a warrant on the two men from the prosecutor’s office on charges of participating in a terrorist organization, terrorist acts, manufacturing, supply and possession of explosives, illegal military arms possession and other crimes.
The Albanian man was the one who had rented the Anavyssos apartment where Xeros was arrested. The 37-year-old had prior arrests for gun and narcotics possession.
The Greek man was a former policeman who was expelled from the force 12 years ago for being involved in antiquities smuggling. He was recently arrested for cigarettes and weapons smuggling. Reportedly, he had contacts with long-term convicts in Korydallos prison, where Xeros and his accomplices were expected to hit in order to help members of “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” terrorist group and other convicted criminals escape.
The two suspects have been taken to the police headquarters in Athens, authorities said.
Xeros is already serving multiple life terms for his involvement in Greece’s most active and dangerous terrorist group. November 17 has killed several Greek politicians, a newspaper owner, police officers as well as U.S. and British diplomats before being dismantled in 2002. Xeros had escaped a year ago by disappearing during a prison leave. He was wanted for one year and when he was arrested on January 3, the Greek counter-terrorism unit found explosives, plans and names for terrorist hits in his hideout.

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