Greek News Archaeology Treasures from Greek Shipwreck in Sicily to Be Revealed

Treasures from Greek Shipwreck in Sicily to Be Revealed

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A Greek shipwreck that dates back to 218 B.C. was found approximately 40 kilometers north of Sicily, Italy.

The findings are considered very important and divers from the United States have arrived in Sicily in order to try to collect some of the shipwreck’s treasures. The shipwreck “Panarea III” was discovered in 2010 when researchers using a sonar were scoping the area of Capistello bay.

Panarea III is located at a great sea depth of 400 meters, making the initial operation for reaching the wreckage unsuccessful. Experienced divers from Florida, in collaboration with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) archaeologists, have recently decided to cooperate in order to bring some of the ship’s treasures to the surface.

A lot of amphorae, that were used to carry goods such as oil or wine, as well as several ash pots have been found. A sanctuary was also revealed, bearing Greek letters.

Archaeologists estimate that the ship was sunk during the second Calchidonian War, between 218 and 210 B.C. and believe that it could be a cargo ship that was providing goods to the Roman army. According to archaeologists, the wooden ship was 50 feet long and likely to have crashed into rocks before sinking.

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