entertainment Celebrities English Celebrity Denise Van Outen Celebrates 40th Birthday in Mykonos

English Celebrity Denise Van Outen Celebrates 40th Birthday in Mykonos

Denise-Van-OutenFamous English singer, actress, presenter and dancer Denise Van Outen decided to celebrate her 40th birthday in the world renowned Greek island of Mykonos.
Since she was a little girl she had wanted to visit Greece and especially Santorini. Her friends’ parents had traveled to the island for their honeymoon and showed young Denise the pictures. It was love at first sight. Ever since, the 40-year-old presenter has been trying to find an occasion on which to visit Santorini.
However, now that she has a child, 4-year-old-Betsy, Santorini was, perhaps, not the best place to visit after all, since it is mostly a couple’s island, fit for honeymoons and romantic getaways.
Therefore, after spending some time discussing the issue with her friends, Denise decided that Mykonos would be a much better choice for her, her close friends and family.
She threw a pretty hectic party in London and arranged for her family, best friends and her goddaughter to travel to Mykonos in order to have a more ‘low-key’ vacation. “I thought it would be lovely to have a girly trip.”
“From the moment we arrived on Mykonos, I was enchanted. Everything was just about perfect. The food, in particular, was incredible. We ate everything because I love Greek food. I had Greek salads and grilled halloumi, and the fresh seafood was just amazing – huge prawns and excellent sea bass,” she said to the Daily Mail.
“And still dreaming of heading to Santorini,” she concluded.

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