Australia Greek-Australian Serving in Greek Army

Greek-Australian Serving in Greek Army

armyThe 19-year-old Greek-Australian Pavlos Tsapournis was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, but decided to do his military duty in Greece, to serve the homeland of his parents. The 19-year-old man is serving on the Greek  island of Samos, just across the Turkish coast.

When Greek Minister of Defence Dimitris Avramopoulos during a visit in the camp asked the young man why he decided to come and serve in the Greek army,  Tsapournis responded: “It is my duty to the motherland, Minister.”

“Your parents and your commander should be very proud of you,” said the Defence Minister, who was so impressed by the young man’s decision to serve in Greece that he contacted his parents in Australia to thank them and to congratulate them for the way they have raised their son.

The oldest brother of Tsapournis, who was born in Melbourne, also served in the Greek army.


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