7 Natural Spa Destinations in Greece

Leaving aside for a while the exotic beaches with golden sand or luxurious infinity pools that seem to bind with the sea, Greek Reporter presents seven natural spas located in islands, caves or waterfalls across Greece.
Polylimnio, Mesinia
Polylimnio is located near the city of Kalamata, in the Peloponnese.  Walking through a small path with dense vegetation and picturesque wooden bridges, visitors will find themselves in a hidden paradise with ponds and waterfalls, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Fifteen lakes with strange names such as Mavrolimna, Kadi, Kadoula, Fortunate’s, the Italian’s, PanagosStathoulas’s, well hidden for many years, just recently became known to the public and started attracting nature lovers. The water is freezing during the winter but in the summer visitors can enjoy the cool water of the lakes.polilimnio
Gkiola, Thassos
Gkiola is a breathtaking natural pool formed inside rocks. It is located near the village Astris, in the island of Thassos. Visitors can enjoy the sun, lying on the large rocks surrounding the pool. The way to Gkiola is difficult and long.Giola
Always Raining, Karpenisi
Always Raining is not exactly a gorge or a waterfall. The water falls from everywhere creating beautiful small lakes. When it’s sunny, small and bigger rainbows create a magical scenery.pada_vrexi
Drakolimni, Papigkon
At an altitude of 2,050 meters, between the peaks of Lapatos and Ploskos, lies the mythical lake Drakolimni. The path to Drakolimni starts from the village Small Papigkon and lasts about 4 hours, giving visitors the chance to enjoy and admire the natural beauty of central Greece.Drakolimni
Kolimpithres, Papigkon
Following the path that connects the villages Small Papigkon and Large Papigkon (about 3 km) visitors will find Kolimpithres, which are natural pools between rocks, usually with cold water.kolimpiures
Vathres, Samothrace
The island of Samothrace is rich in creeks and rivers, with crystal clear waters that come from Saos mountain and merge into the sea. Numerous waterfalls create the famous “vathres”, natural pools within the light-colored rocks. The vathres of Tsivdogiannis river, near Thermawhere the hike up to mount Feggari (moon) begins, are the most popular.Vathres
Pozar Hot Springs, Pella
Pozar, 13 km from Aridea in the foothills of Kaimaktsalan mountain, is an impressive site with hot springs, pools, rivers with thermal water and both natural and artificial waterfalls. Thermopotamos river flowing in the rocky mountain forms small waterfalls and shallow river bends. The thermal water (37⁰C) is recommended for rheumatic, dermatological, gynecological, respiratory and circulatory system conditions. Pozar

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