Greek News Art Two Greek Artists Exhibit in Vienna Art Foundation

Two Greek Artists Exhibit in Vienna Art Foundation


Art Foundation in Vienna will host the exhibitions of  Greek artists Pavlos Tsakonas and Sofia Touboura, presenting two different aspects of modern Greek art.

Pavlos Tsakonas will present a series of works creating forms and ideas taken from industrial design and the city environment through abstract, futuristic and romantic ways. Two of his paintings evolve with vivid colors and geometric shapes through an installation which examines art in relation with everyday life.

Sofia Touboura deals with quantum mechanics and the apparent ability of particles active in the past to recognize each other’s condition, although a big distance may interfere between them. Her work also refers to the aesthetic and conceptual union resulting from this almost spiritual association. The traditional contrasts in nature and culture, both known and unknown to human, are unveiled through her work. She creates her works using collage and color conversion through her painting process.


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