Greek News Economy Greek EU Council Presidency Cost Less

Greek EU Council Presidency Cost Less


From the moment the Greek government undertook the presidency of the Council of the EU, Greek officials stated that the budget of the presidency would be restricted to 50 million euros maximum. Contrary to other countries’ expenditures, the Greek government managed to decrease the cost of the six-month presidency.

According to the european news bureau Agence Europe, the Greek Presidency expenditures were 14 million euros. Costs included official travel and allocation of staff to Brussels for the duration of the Greek Presidency, accommodation and hosting of visiting delegations in Athens, organization of cultural events, remuneration of temporary staff on fixed contracts, interpretation, accreditation, rent of premises/offices, postage fees, telecommunication and transportation expenses, publications and printing costs, office supplies, and related expenditures.

As referred to by the European press, part of the costs were covered by sponsored programs. A total of 25 companies acted as sponsors offering a total of 2.5 million euros for the Greek Presidency expenditures.


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