Greek News Cyprus Cyprus Marathon Paphos: True Athletic Spirit

Cyprus Marathon Paphos: True Athletic Spirit

Cyprus-Marathon-PaphosThe Cyprus Marathon will be run in Pafos on Sunday, March 9th. The Event incorporates three different distances; the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Road Race.
The purpose of the event is to provide an annual race where noted runners from other nations, and from here in Cyprus.
The Cyprus Marathon has been around for 16 years and includes the full marathon, half marathon and the 10K race.
The event attracts runners from all over the world and entrants from 20-25 countries usually take part.
The start and finish areas for the Half Marathon and 10km races are located at the Fort Square nearby the world famous Pafos fishing harbor.
The Marathon will start from Petra tou Romiou (Birthplace of Aphrodite) and finish at the Fort Square.
Cyprus Marathon has gained a reputation as the most friendly and well organized event of its kind with excellent facilities for runners and on site entertainment for family and friends.
In 2013, runners from countries such as; England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Lebanon, Russia, USA, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Jordan, South Africa and Cyprus all took part.
Last year Romanian Raphael Igrisianu took top place, completing the marathon in a time of 2:44:50.
The Cyprus Half Marathon and 10K races will start and finish at Paphos castle.

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