Greek News Crime Filippidis: 'They are After Me Because I am Friend of Karamanlis'

Filippidis: 'They are After Me Because I am Friend of Karamanlis'

kostasaggelos_630_355Angelos Filippidis, the former head of Hellenic Postbank who was arrested in Istanbul after Greek authorities said he was wanted in connection with a bad loan scheme at the failed state bank he ran, made a statement in front of the Turkish Jury  that caused a lot of speculation within political and media circles. He stated that his prosecution is political, as the Greek authorities through him are targeting Greece ’s former Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis. Mr. Filippidis was released by a Turkish Court even though Greece had requested his extradition from the Turkish authorities.
The text that explains the full reasoning of the Turkish Court’s decision to set him free was sent to the Greek authorities today.
During his trial, Mr. Filippidis stated that the Greek authorities are after him because he is Kostas Karamanlis personal friend. “My prosecution aims to harm Mr. Karamanlis” he said.
What is more, these statements of Mr. Filippidis took many by surprise as he had repeatedly said to the Greek media that he would not block his extradition to the Greek authorities.
Moreover, the reasoning behind the Turkish court’s decision, is that the warrant of Mr. Fillipidis’ arrest was submitted without having previously issued any charges against him.
The Greek authorities upon being informed that Mr. Filippidis was set free, requested that the Turks arrest him again as there is a second warrant for him.

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