Greece Are You a "Real Greek?"

Are You a "Real Greek?"

Real Greek

If you have doubts about how Greek you are, then you have to read the following list with all the characteristics of a “real Greek.” If most of them sound familiar to you then… you are definitely Greek.  This rather funny list has been circulating on Greek websites and it includes some truths we would never confirm.

  • You are jogging for 5 miles and then take the elevator to the 1st floor.
  • You say good morning at 3 p.m in the afternoon and good evening in 1 a.m. at night.
  • You never have dinner before 10p.m.
  •  You eat breakfast before going to bed.
  • Your first hangover was when you were 5 years old… your dad/uncle/grandfather gave you  whiskey, because you wanted to try it.
  • At least five times a year you must pull yourself to the local bus station, to receive a package sent by your family and may include oil,  honey, feta, oregano, mountain tea, olives and lemons.
  • You get all dressed up to go for coffee, but you start a fight with the bouncer of the club because he won’t let you in wearing  flip flops.
  • In your neighborhood, there is at least one road called Eleftherios Venizelos.
  • You think 27 (C) degrees is cold.
  • Whenever you travel abroad you wonder how people live without a “periptero” (kiosk).
  • You always think tourists are funny.
  • And you teach them how to say “malaka”.
  • You haven’t been in a bus for ten years.
  • You know everything about recycling, but you have never seen a recycling trashcan.
  • If you call simultaneously  for “souvlakia” and an ambulance, your delivery will arrive first.
  • On every table you sit there is a pack of Marlboro Lights.
  • You have a great chance to dive into a traffic jam on 6 a.m. on Sunday.
  • You get pissed when you have to wake up early on Saturday because the shops in Greece close at 3 p.m.
  • You clap when you are on an airplane landing.
  • Your car costs more than 60,000 euros but you refuse to pay 5 euros to the valet, because you think it’s too much.
  • You wonder why frappe isn’t internationally recognised.
  •  Your favorite hobby when traveling abroad, is to look for other Greeks.
  •  You can spot Albanians ‘by their looks ‘ .
  •  You think it’s normal to live with your parents at the age of 30 or to be 25 and never earned a penny.
  • You fast but with different terms each time .
  • You know a lot of confidential state secrets that if revealed world history must be rewritten.
  •  You also know details about celebrities’ lifes (eg “she is a sex addict, he is gay and he is having an affair with him, the other has cancer and is about to die.”)
  • You are sure that bad luck has been proven scientifically.
  • You never have money for basic items,  but always for luxury goods .
  • You hate civil servants, but your dream is to become one .
  • You are a descendent of Alexander the Great .
  • You’re proud of your village but you believe it’s neglected by the State.
  •  You double-park to buy cigarettes closing the street, but you get upset when somebody else does exactly the same.
  • You go to the gym but smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.
  • When you stop at the traffic lights you have your hand ready on the horn.
  • Your grandmother puts a “semedaki” (doily) on top of the computer screen.
  • You wonder about the use of pedestrian crossings (zebra crossings).

What are some of the Greek characteristics you would like to add to the list? Let us know in our comments section. 

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