Europe Nikola Gruevski: “Former Ottoman Province of Greece”

Nikola Gruevski: “Former Ottoman Province of Greece”

gruevsky1-630x286Nikola Gruevski, the Prime Minister of Skopje, caused trouble once again, expressing his annoyance at the name FYROM, making some verbal attacks against Greece.

During his speech to the members of his party, he called Greece “Former Ottoman Province of Greece,” in reaction to the name FYROM, which Greece uses for his country.

“We have one nation and one state with the name “Republic of Macedonia,” and our language is called “Macedonian,” he said. He also noted that he wants the two countries to find a solution “with mutual respect and without exclusions.”

According to the Greek newspaper Imerisia, he also said that the name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” which Athens uses, is offensive for their country.

Until now, there is no official announcement from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A year ago, Hans van Baalen, a member of the European Parliament for the Netherlands, used the same term saying: “if Greece can’t use the name ‘Former Ottoman Province of Greece,’ then how you can make use of the name ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.’”

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